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Working together we can save!With an uncertain future as to the cost of energy, more and more people are concerned about their utility bills. Wiregrass Electric’s website is a starting point to get you on the way toward better energy management for your home. Your Cooperative has always placed a priority on promoting energy efficiency to our members, and so we offer these materials to help you control costs and peak demand for electricity.CalculatorsMore Resources:


Analyze Your Bill

If you have your account number you can perform an analysis of your bills for the past year.

Home Energy Calculator

This calculator estimates your energy use for your home.

Appliance Calculator

Assists you in finding out how much energy specific appliances in your home use.

Lighting Calculator

Allows you to compare the monthly and annual savings to be gained by using Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs).

Home Energy Library

This extensive library will provide you with tons of information about how energy is used in your home.

Conserve 101:

Powerful Lessons from your Electric Cooperative

Kid’s Korner

For kids and adults –everything from energy-themed games to Teacher Lesson Plans — creates a rich kid-friendly environment to facilitate energy education.

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