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FAQs -

  • How long will Wiregrass Electric hold my deposit?

  • How much deposit will I have to pay to get my electric service?

  • What are my payment options?

  • What if my bill is late?

  • How do I get a password to access my account online?

  • What is levelized billing, and how can I qualify?

  • What is wholesale power cost adjustment?

  • What is a facilities use charge?

  • How do I set up my account for automatic payments?

  • How can I have underground power lines located that are on my property?

  • How can I change my billing address?

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Hartford (Headquarters)

509 N. State Hwy 167
P.O. Box 158, Hartford AL 36344
(800) 239-4602
Fax: (334) 588-0683

District Offices


6167 Fortner St
Dothan, AL


1066 Ashford Road
Ashford, AL


13148 W. State Highway 52
Samson, AL
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