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For Your Security -

Our members rely on us to keep their information confidential. At Wiregrass Electric Cooperative, we work hard to earn your confidence.

Property Access

Occasionally, we’ll need access to our facilities on your property. For your peace of mind and security, we’ll try to notify you before we perform these duties. WEC employees carry photo identification cards, and the contractors working for us have letters of authorization from WEC. The only reasons we’ll ever be on your property are at your request or for a variety of business reasons like installing, repairing, maintaining, inspecting, or upgrading our equipment. Rest assured, we know your security is important, and we’ll make every effort to keep it that way.

Locked Gates

If you have locked gates that could block access to our service crews, please let us know the lock combinations. Otherwise, we’ll need to install a WEC lock on your gate. Keys and combinations for our locks are restricted to the crews who need them. The only reasons we’ll ever be on your property are at your request or for a variety of business reasons.

Identity Check

If you see someone you don’t recognize on your property, ask him or her for identification. All WEC employees carry a company ID, and most travel in a vehicle with WEC logos and wear a tan WEC uniform shirt. You can always call our toll-free number (1-800-239-4602) if you have questions about any of our projects.

To protect your privacy, our personnel will only speak with people authorized by you about your account.  If a person is not listed as the owner of the account, or added by you as an authorized contact, we cannot and will not give out information about you or your account.

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Hartford (Headquarters)

509 N. State Hwy 167
P.O. Box 158, Hartford AL 36344
(800) 239-4602
Fax: (334) 588-0683

District Offices


6167 Fortner St
Dothan, AL


1066 Ashford Road
Ashford, AL


13148 W. State Highway 52
Samson, AL
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