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When WEC was founded 75 years ago, it was created as a not-for-profit cooperative with the goal of providing energy to this area at an affordable rate. Seventy-five years later, as we continue fulfilling that mission, we know it takes more than bucket trucks and power lines to truly serve our members — it also takes sound financial planning.

By constantly monitoring benchmarks, key performance indicators and more, we are able to ensure that we remain on firm financial footing. Each year, WEC looks at a Key Ratio Trend Analysis (KRTA). The KRTA is an annual assessment of financial trends among electric distribution cooperatives nationwide. Looking at these trends allows us to see how we are performing compared to other cooperatives in the nation.

This year, the results continued to show a strong financial position for the cooperative. If you would like to review these results for yourself, please click on one of the links below.

2015 KRTA Analysis

2014 KRTA Analysis

2013 KRTA Analysis

2012 KRTA Analysis

2011 KRTA Analysis


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