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New Construction -

The following information is designed for residential and commercial contractors and electricians when constructing facilities for temporary or permanent service. All guidelines outlined in the following documents must be followed. 

Wiregrass Electric Cooperative is in compliance with the National Electric Code (NEC) and the National Electric Safety Code (NESC). For your protection, WEC urges you or your electrician to use only WEC-approved procedures and materials.

WEC does not inspect temporary meter loops or temporary service construction, and assumes no liability for any damages or injuries from their construction. WEC will refuse service where a known hazardous condition exists and/or if connections do not meet the specifications outlined in the following documents.

We urge you to use a qualified electrician to prevent safety hazards, additional costs, and delays. WEC requires that all construction meet or exceed these specifications prior to service connection.

WEC will furnish a water heater at no charge when you enroll in the H2O Plus program for demand management.  When enrolled, WEC sends a certified electrician to the home (at no cost to you) to install a cycling device on the water heater. This device will enable WEC or our power supplier to cycle your water heater — the elements will power down for short periods of time (usually around two hours) and restart in time to maintain plenty of hot water in the tank.

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