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WEC Deposit Information -

Membership Fee — $5

  • This is the fee associated with a person membership in the cooperative.

Security Deposit

  • This is the deposit amount required by the cooperative before electric service can be connected.
    • Residential — The deposit amounts will be based on the individual applicant’s credit score:
      • Red Light — $400
      • Yellow Light — $200
      • Green Light — $0
    • Commercial, Large Power or Industrial:
      • All security deposit amounts for Commercial, Large Power or Industrial accounts will be based on two times that member’s average monthly bill based on either a 12 month usage history of the applicant’s meter location or the cooperative’s engineering analysis of the applicant’s load data for the account.

Meter Set Connection/Transfer Fee

  • This is the fee associated with establishing service for member.
    • Standard Fee — $10.00
  • This cost will be estimated based on job.

Meter Testing Fee — $25.00

  • This fee is charged to member when the meter requested by member to be tested reads accurate.
  • There will be no charge if the meter requested to be tested is reading inaccurate.

Meter Base Replacement Fee — $50.00

  • Charge associated with the replacement of a cooperative meter base.

Returned Check Charge

  • (Maximum amount allowed by the State of Alabama plus all banks charges
  • This is the charge/fee associated with all returned checks for payment returned to the cooperative for insufficient funds.
    • Late Fees/Charges — $5.00 or 5% of bill, whichever is greater.
  • These are the charges associated with member accounts being received by cooperative after the due date of the payment.
  • Note: Commercial, Large Power and Industrial late fees will be 5% of the member’s bill if payment is received after due date.

Reconnect Fee

  • This is the fee associated with connecting service after the cooperative disconnected it for non-pay reasons.
    • Regular Hours — $40.00
    • After Business Hours — $120.00
    • Premimum Service Fee — $60.00  (This fee is for guaranteed same day meter set service. Normal meter sets will be scheduled for the next day.)
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