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Unclaimed Capital Credits

CLICK HERE for a 2017 list of unclaimed capital credits!

To date, WEC has returned more than $7 million in capital credit refunds. Each year, the cooperative does its best to deliver these credits to the member, even if they have since left the cooperative’s service territory. When we mailed these checks this year, several were returned as undeliverable.

If you did not receive a capital credit refund this year, please check this list for your name. If your name is listed, please call 800-239-4602, or come to the Hartford office for instructions on how to claim your check. You will need some documentation in order for you to claim a check: You must provide a valid driver’s license or state-issued ID if you are the member of record.

How do I claim capital credits if the member of record is deceased?

In this case, you must provide a death certificate plus one of the following:

  • Letters of Administration, or
  • Letters of Testimony, or if you do not have item 1 or 2, please provide evidence that you are the legal and authorized representative of the estate.

This information will need to be presented at WEC’s Hartford office, located at 509 N. State Hwy. 167.