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Sanitation Billing

Houston County Sanitation Billing

Click here to download an important announcement concerning new 96-gallon garbage containers. (September 2014).



In November 2014 the county will begin distributing new 96 gallon county-owned garbage containers to replace the garbage cans that you are now using.  Once your new container has been delivered to you, the county will no longer pick up your garbage unless it is placed inside the county-provided container.   The county will place a flag at the spot beside the road where you should place your county-provided container on garbage collection day. In addition, please note the following:

  • The garbage container belongs to the county. Each container has a unique identifier number and is assigned to you and your service address.  If you move you must notify the county so we can pick up the container.  Failure to do so would result in your being charged for the cost of the container.
  • The first container is provided at no charge. Additional containers will be delivered to you upon request for a one-time non-refundable rental fee of $75. If you move, please notify the county and we will pick up all containers.  Failure to do so will result in the cost of the container being charged to you.
  • If payment of your garbage bill is delinquent by 60 days or more as of 10/1/2014 you will be required to complete a signup sheet in order to receive your garbage container. This form can be completed at the Sanitation Collection Office located on the sixth floor of the County Administration Building or can be completed and mailed to the below address. A copy of the form can also be found on the county web site – houstoncounty.org.  If your bill is current or less than 60 days past due as of 10/1/2014, your garbage container will be delivered automatically with no signup required.
  • After November 2014, if your garbage bill is delinquent by 90 days or more the county will retrieve the county-provided container and will no longer pickup up your garbage until your garbage fee has been paid.
  • There will be no increase in garbage pickup fee as a result of this change. However, a few customers will have their garbage pickup day changed.  Anyone impacted by this will be notified well in advance of the change.
  • Note that in accordance with Alabama law, all residents are required to participate in the mandatory garbage collection program.
  • All garbage placed inside the county-provided containers must first be placed inside garbage bags.



Houston County Pickup Schedule 2015 


Wiregrass Electric Cooperative (WEC) and the Houston County Commission entered into a partnership for billing of the Houston County Sanitation Department’s services in 2008.  This partnership helped WEC’s members by combining electric and sanitation into one bill and payment — and helped Houston County sanitation customers by saving the county money.

For Wiregrass Electric customers, the partnership offers the convenience of including sanitation billing on their monthly electric utility bill and avoiding the cost and inconvenience of an additional payment each month.

Through this agreement, Houston County pays a small fee for each service billed to cover Wiregrass Electric’s operational expense, and WEC does not subsidize any part of this endeavor.  With Wiregrass Electric’s efficient billing and collection infrastructure, this partnership helps maintain accurate and efficient bill collection for Houston County.

For all Houston County Sanitation customers, the partnership offers:

  • Stabilized fees
  • The advantage of WEC billing options including e-billing and online payments

With efficient billing and collection, Houston County now has more accurate records and timely bill collection. Increased efficiencies allow Houston County to eliminate or postpone sanitation rate increases that would have occurred otherwise.

Houston County Sanitation customers who do not have WEC utility service receive a bill from the cooperative for sanitation charges only.  The customer will have the option of paying at the Houston County Sanitation office, by mail or online through Wiregrass Electric’s website on the Online Portal.  The only change Wiregrass Electric customers will see is the added charge for sanitation services on their monthly bills.

For more information about the Houston County Sanitation Department or holiday pick up schedule, click here, or call 334-677-4789.

Dothan City Sanitation Billing

Click here to download a PDF of the sanitation schedule.

Wiregrass Electric Cooperative (WEC) and the city of Dothan have entered into an agreement for billing of the City of Dothan sanitation services.  Wiregrass Electric began billing the City of Dothan sanitation fee for WEC members’ accounts beginning in 2013 .

This agreement was reached due to the fact the City of Dothan has elected to begin charging a sanitation (garbage) fee to all Dothan city residents. This agreement between Wiregrass Electric and the City of Dothan provides the City of Dothan sanitation fee of $14.75 per month to be placed as a line item on the Wiregrass Electric Cooperative bill.

This agreement offers:

  • Stabilized fees for the City of Dothan sanitation service
  • The advantage of all Wiregrass Electric billing options including e-billing and 24/7 online payments
  • The convenience of paying sanitation and electric services with just one payment transaction

If you have questions about Dothan sanitation, please call 334-677-4789 for questions concerning billing issues or 334-677-4789 for questions concerning solid waste pickup (days for pickup, problems with pickup, problems with carts, etc.).

If you have questions concerning your WEC billing, please feel free to call our member care team at 800-239-4602.