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Wholesale Power

Wiregrass Electric Cooperative and PowerSouth

One and the Same

Have you ever considered what it takes to make your lights turn on? From electricity generation at power plants and transmission of electricity over high-voltage lines, to distribution of electricity down the lines that run through your neighborhood to the meter on the side of your house, the importance of the relationship between an electric cooperative and its power provider becomes evident.

PowerSouthMap_001Since 1939, Wiregrass EC has provided reliable and affordable electric service. What you may not have realized is that since 1941, PowerSouth Energy Cooperative has been Wiregrass EC’s partner in ensuring this steady electric supply for our communities.

As one of PowerSouth’s founding members, Wiregrass EC has relied upon PowerSouth to provide wholesale power and other valuable services that help us to better serve you, our members. By pooling our resources with 19 other electric distribution systems through PowerSouth, Wiregrass EC achieves economy of scale that allows us to offer services at a lower cost than if we operated alone.

While PowerSouth and Wiregrass EC are independent entities, the cooperatives work in concert to deliver energy to consumers in the wiregrass. The relationship between PowerSouth and Wiregrass EC is most unique, because we are co-dependent on each other for our success. As Benjamin Franklin said, “We must all hang together, or we will all hang separately.”

Electricity generated at PowerSouth’s four power plants is delivered over high-voltage transmission line to distribution substations, before Wiregrass EC’s distribution lines carry it to the homes and businesses we serve. Wiregrass EC relies on PowerSouth to provide this energy reliably, so we can best serve you.

The benefits of the Wiregrass EC/PowerSouth relationship are real and tangible to our members. While electric generation and transmission is the primary goal, PowerSouth and Wiregrass EC work jointly to provide marketing and economic development support that will improve the quality of life in communities throughout our service area. When businesses are strong, communities are strong – and PowerSouth is a key contributor to our area’s strength.

As our trusted energy provider, PowerSouth provides strategic planning, load forecasting, engineering and energy distribution support, as well as computer network support and consumer education to ensure we serve you as effectively as possible.

As your cooperative, Wiregrass EC is committed to providing you quality electrical service while doing all we can to improve your quality of life. PowerSouth has been a major part of Wiregrass EC’s success for more than 69 years. While the relationship between Wiregrass EC and PowerSouth is not new, it is stronger now than ever.

About Wiregrass EC

  • Wiregrass Electric Cooperative is a not-for-profit, member-owned electric distribution utility serving more than 23,000 consumers in a 6-county area of southeast Alabama.
  • The cooperative is a $40-million company with over 3,600 miles of line serviced by 62 employees. Headquartered in Hartford, Wiregrass EC maintains district offices in Dothan, Ashford and Samson to better serve our members.
  • Our customers are both members and owners of our business and are represented by a 9-member elected Board of Trustees that makes business policy and responds to member-owner needs and expectations. This provides our customers with a voice in our business decisions and keeps our company responsive to their needs and expectations.

Quick facts:

  • Wiregrass Electric Cooperative was organized in 1939 and energized its first lines July 15, 1940.
  • Service area: Houston, Geneva, Covington, Coffee, Dale & Henry Counties of Alabama
  • Wiregrass Electric Cooperative’s utility plant was valued at $73,243,450 as of Dec. 31, 2009.

About PowerSouth:

  • PowerSouth Energy Cooperative serves the wholesale energy needs of 16 electric cooperatives and 4 municipal electric systems in Alabama and northwest Florida. PowerSouth’s service territory spans 39 Alabama and 10 Florida counties.
  • Owned and governed by those it serves, PowerSouth is dedicated to providing reliable and economical energy to meet the needs of nearly a million consumers.
  • Continuing a 69-year tradition of reliability and service to its members, PowerSouth remains a trusted energy partner for those it serves.
  • PowerSouth Energy Cooperative serves the wholesale energy needs of 16 electric cooperatives and 4 municipal electric systems in Alabama and northwest Florida. PowerSouth’s service territory spans 39 Alabama and 10 Florida counties.

Quick facts:

  • PowerSouth is the 8th largest privately owned business in Alabama.
  • PowerSouth employs more than 600 at nine sites in Alabama and Florida.
  • PowerSouth has assets in excess of $1.7 billion.
  • With a combined generating capacity of more than 1,600 megawatts, PowerSouth utilizes a diverse generating mix of natural gas, coal and hydroelectricity.
  • PowerSouth’s expansive network of transmission assets includes more than 2,200 miles of line and nearly 300 substations.