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Weatherization Program

Wiregrass Habitat for Humanity and Wiregrass Electric Cooperative have partnered to bring the “Habitat Weatherization Program” to members of WEC.

The purpose of the Weatherization Program is to assist qualified homeowners to make improvements to protect their home and its interior from the elements, particularly from sunlight, precipitation and wind and to reduce energy consumption and optimize energy efficiency.  Improvements up to $3,000 may be made per household to correct issues such as air infiltrations and drafts, insulation, and additional weatherizing techniques for low income homeowners.

All the information you need is available in the brochure.

How to get started . . .

Begin with a free energy audit conducted by a qualified WEC employee.  Fill out the form below or call 1-800-239-4602 to make an appointment.  The energy audit will recommend specific areas in your home that need to be addressed to make your home more energy efficient — and save on your electric bill.

What next?

Contact the Wiregrass Habitat for Humanity office at 334-792-8453 (located at 1227 Headland Ave. in Dothan) for a Weatherization Program application.  Provide all information required, then someone will be in contact with you to begin the process of making your home more energy efficient.

Schedule an Energy Audit