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Electric Service

Affordable, reliable electric service for our members – that is Wiregrass Electric Cooperative’s mission, every day.

As a cooperative, Wiregrass Electric operates as an at-cost provider of electricity. Instead of a board of shareholders who make decisions based off profits, we serve our neighbors and those who live in the communities that make up our service area.
WEC was founded with the goal of providing energy to this area at an affordable rate. Today, as we continue that mission, we know it takes more than substations and power poles to truly serve our members — it also takes sound financial planning.

For WEC, maintaining over 3,000 miles of electric line across often unfriendly terrain is a challenge some electric providers do not face. However, despite that fact, WEC’s electric rates meet or beat many electric providers throughout the nation. When compared to other electric cooperatives across the country, WEC also carries much less debt.

This takes a lot of planning, and a judicious use of resources. Through the use of technology and advanced training for WEC employees, our cost of labor is more than 20 percent lower than the national average when compared to other electric providers.
While WEC has continued to grow its employee base over the years to provide the highest-quality service to our members, we have also remained good stewards of our members’ investments. Because of that mindset of service, WEC still finds itself in a financially strong position while able to fulfill all its mission.