Operation Round Up:

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  • For any commercial, large power or industrial applicant, all security deposits will be based on the following:
    • Two (2) times the commercial, larger power or industrial applicant’s monthly bill based on a twelve (12) month usage history of the meter location for the member applicant, or
    • The Cooperative’s engineering analysis of the applicant’s load data for the account location if there is not an existing meter.
  • Payment of security deposits for commercial, large power or industrial member accounts can be secured through:
    • Cash, check or money order payment,
    • Bank issued irrevocable letter of credit, or
    • A general obligation warrant/letter of commitment from a governmental governing body for a state, city or county school system.
    • A member or former member to assign his/her capital credits to the Cooperative as security for the payment of a member’s electric bill. The value of the capital credits shall be determined in accordance with discount rate as set forth hereinabove relating to the payment of capital credits to estates. The member shall be required to execute an assignment approved by the Cooperative. (Please see Policy 303, Capital Credits).
    • If the member is an established non-profit church with a good payment history with the Cooperative for the previous 24 months, with good payment history being defined as the account not having been on the delinquent list any during the previous 24 months, then the deposit will be waived for the member by the Cooperative. This applies only to established non-profit churches and does not apply to non-profit churches establishing an account for the first time with the Cooperative.
  • If a commercial, large power or industrial member is disconnected for non-payment, they will be required to establish a deposit of a minimum of two and one-half (2 ½) times their monthly bill to reconnect electric service.
  • If service requires construction of lines, billing and fees for line extensions may require additional aid-to-construction charge as determined by staking engineer (see below).

Overhead Single Phase

0 – 300 feet $ 372.00 + $ – per ft
Over 300 feet $ 372.00 + $ 4.32 per ft

Overhead Three Phase

First 1000 feet $ no charge + $ – per ft
Over 1000 feet $ + $ 12.00 per ft
Right of Way Clearing Costs are borne by the consumer
Member may choose to clear right of way to avoid clearing cost.
  • A member may choose an underground primary line extension to avoid overhead lines according to the following schedule:


Underground Three Phase

First 300 feet $ 850.00 + $ 0.00
301 to 600 feet $ 850.00 + $ 12.42 per foot over 100 ft
over 600 feet – $ 6,910.00 + $12.50 per foot over 600 ft
  • Any additional expenses (boring or cutting pavement, etc.) will be charged to member.
  • For all underground services, aid-to-construction will be assessed to all members requesting an underground service based on engineering calculations