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InControl Prepay Program

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  • Terms and Conditions

    The person who agrees below (hereinafter called the Applicant) hereby applies for and agrees to pre-pay purchase of energy from Wiregrass Electric Cooperative, Inc., a corporation, its successors and assigns (hereinafter called the Cooperative); and the applicant and Cooperative agree as follows:

    1. Any new member applicant or existing member of the Cooperative may elect to pre-pay their electricity through the Cooperative’s pre-payment of electric service program. All members electing to participate in the Cooperative’s pre-payment of electricity program will agree to pay an initial set up fee of $25.00 (non-refundable) per meter for all accounts participating in the Cooperative’s pre-payment of electricity program. If the member owes the Cooperative a past due bill for any reason, the member must have a zero balance or set up debit-payment agreement on their account(s) before a member can elect to participate in the Cooperative's pre-payment of electricity program.
    2. Security Deposits for Pre-payment of Electricity: (a) Member security deposits for electric service will be waived by the Cooperative while the member is a satisfactory participant in the Cooperative’s pre-payment of electricity program; (b) When a member, either by choice or by the Cooperative’s choice, is no longer participating in the pre-payment of electricity program, the standard policy governing security deposits will be followed; and (c) If an existing member elects to participate in the Cooperative’s pre-payment program, any security deposit the member has on record may be applied to future bills in the form of a credit until all security deposits for said account(s) have been reduced to zero. If however, the member elects to no longer participate in the Cooperative’s pre-payment program, the last deposit of record for the member’s account(s) will be secured from member before electric service can continue or be re-established.
    3. An accurate cell phone number or e-mail address must be provided to the Cooperative at all times by the member participating in the pre-payment program in order for the Cooperative to provide up-dates to member about account balances and other energy use information. Failure to do so may result in the inability for the Cooperative to communicate accurate information on the member’s pre-payment balances and other energy use information to the participating member. Failure to provide the Cooperative with an accurate contact number or e-mail address may result in an untimely disconnection of electric service.
    4. Every effort will be made by the Cooperative to provide accurate account balances and other energy usage history of member’s account through the Cooperative’s on-line website ( Pre-payments for electricity will be accepted through all payment options currently offered by the Cooperative (phone, online, in person at office). There will be a minimum per transaction amount of $25.00 for pre-payment of electricity participants. A member may make a pre-payment for electricity on their account(s) at any time through the Cooperative's current payment options. The Cooperative will prorate all yard light fees utilizing billing software.
    5. Applicant agrees that if a check is returned to the Cooperative unpaid for any reason, electrical service may be terminated by the Cooperative immediately without notice to applicant.
    6. Applicant understands the Cooperative will accept Vouchers from Charitable Agencies, however a Voucher will not be accepted as immediate payment on a PPM account. When a Voucher is presented to the Cooperative it will be imaged to the members account. A Voucher will not be accepted in place of payment. The account must continue to have sufficient funds to provide electric service until Voucher is paid. A Voucher will not stop disconnection on an account or be used as payment to have an account reconnected.
    7. If member is disconnected from Pre-Pay due to non-payment on account and account remains out of service for 5 days, member's account will be final billed and member will be required to re-apply for service.

    The acceptance of this application by the Cooperative shall constitute an agreement between the Applicant and the Cooperative, its successors and assigns, and the contract for electric service shall continue in force from the date service is made available by the Cooperative to the applicant, and thereafter until cancelled under the terms of this agreement or in accordance with the By-laws, and rules, regulations or policies of the Cooperative.