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Surge Suppression

Surge SuppressorEvery day, variations in voltage and frequency of electric current pass through electrical lines and into your home. These fluctuations can be caused by lightning or industrial and contruction accidents involving utility poles. Once inside, these fluctuations can cause damage to electronics found in many household products like home entertainment centers, personal computers, garage door openers, microwave ovens and more. Anything you own with a microchip is susceptible to damage.

That’s why it’s important to protect electronic equipment with surge suppression devices. Implementing the right protective measures will not only ensure that sensitive equipment functions properly but can extend product life as well.


Protection is provided with a round surge suppression device installed between your meter and the entrance to your home’s electrical box. This device may be purchased for $125.00 (which includes installation). Download pdf Surge Surge Suppression form or apply online below.

For maximum protection, all power, cable and telephone grounds must be bonded to the same grounding electrode system entering a building. This prevents potential ground voltage differences that may be seen across data, power and telephone lines connected to sensitive electronics. A certified electrician should be contacted to perform this operation.

In addition, all electronics such as TVs, computers, DVDs and telephones should be plugged into a quality surge suppressor at the electrical outlet.

Surge Suppression Purchase Agreement

Cost to member, including installation — $125.00.

The undersigned member (“Member”) requests Wiregrass Electric Cooperative (WEC) to furnish and install a Meter Base Transient Eliminator at the premises located at the service address set forth above.

By signing this application, the Member acknowledges that WEC makes no warranties to the Member with regard to any facilities to be installed pursuant to this application.  All warranties are through the manufacturer, Whole House Protector.  WEC shall be held harmless in connection with the operation, maintenance and installation of the facilities installed pursuant to this application.  In the event the protective effectiveness of the facilities should be interrupted or fail for any reason, WEC, it’s officers, directors or employees shall not be liable to the Member or to a third party for damage by reason of such interruption or failure.

It is acknowledged that WEC neither manufactures nor tests the facilities prior to installation. These facilities are provided as a service to WEC members and their use by the Member in no way constitutes a guarantee by WEC of the performance of the facilities nor a warranty, implied, expressed or for fitness for a particular purpose.

The Member understands that the Whole House Protector is an integral part of the electric service and agrees that it can be removed only by a qualified WEC representative.  The member understands the whole house protector will not protect against direct or indirect lightning strikes beyond the manufacturer’s rated energy absorption level, and is strictly a power line suppressor, and as such, will not protect the structure, telephone line, coaxial cable line, antennae or people against lightning strikes of any kind.

This application and agreement supersedes all previous agreements or representations, either written or verbal, heretofore in effect between WEC and the Member, made in respect to matters herein contained, and when signed, this application and agreement constitutes the entire agreement between WEC and the Member.  Member agrees that WEC is not responsible for any damage from weather or lightning related incidents to any property owned by the Member.

By checking the box below, I acknowledge that I am the member of record for this account and have the right to agree to the terms and conditions to purchase surge protection for this account.

Surge Suppression Purchase Agreement