Operation Round Up:

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Prepay for your Electric Service

Avoid high deposits with InControl pre-pay service. With WEC’s In Control pre-pay option, you have an opportunity to pay in advance for your electricity, avoiding high deposits.

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Apply Online

  • Fill out a membership application either online or in one of WEC’s four offices.
  • A new member will pay a membership fee of $5, a connection/processing fee of $10 and a deposit as determined by a credit check as listed below:
    • Green Light — $0
    • Yellow Light — $200
    • Red Light — $400
  • The residence must be in a condition which indicates continued use of electric facilities and must be reasonably accessible by an all-weather road (for right-of-way clearance).
  • The application for electric service must be signed by the individual requesting such service. For those individuals making application through electronic means, the submission of the application, by law, will fulfill the signature obligation.
  • An application cannot be in the name of a deceased member.
  • Joint memberships with the Cooperative will be in compliance with the Cooperative’s By-Laws.
  • A new membership application requires the Social Security Number, driver’s license number, phone number and correct mailing address from the applicant applying for membership. If applicant is currently a member in good standing with the Cooperative, additional identification may not be required.
  • Membership with the Cooperative is not transferable. If a person with a residential account membership with the Cooperative who is already a member requests an additional electric service, an additional membership fee is not necessary.
  • If service requires construction of lines, billing and fees for line extensions may require additional aid-to-construction charge as determined by staking engineer.

Residential Overhead Single Phase

0 – 600 feet $ 0 per ft
Over 600 feet $ 4.91 per ft

Overhead Single Phase – Non residential

0 – 300 feet $ 432.00 + $ 0 per ft
Over 300 feet $ 432.00 + $4.91 per ft

Overhead Three Phase

First 1000 feet $ 0.00 + $ 0 per ft
Over 1000 feet $ 0.00 + $ 12.00 per ft
Right of way clearing costs are borne by the member
Member may choose to clear right of way to avoid clearing cost.
Residential is defined by: (1) primary residence,
(2) must have E-911 address,
(3) conventional framed home with foundation,
(4) permanent water & sewage service
A manufactured home, set up on a permanent foundation with axles and tongue removed, will qualify as a conventional “framed” home.
  • A member may choose an underground primary line extension to avoid overhead lines according to the following schedule:

Residential Underground Single Phase Primary

First 100 feet $700.00 + $ 0.00 per ft
from 101 to 600 feet $700.00 + $ 12.42 per foot over 100 ft
 Over 600 feet – $6,910.00 plus 18.50 per foot over 600 ft

Underground Three Phase

First 300 feet $ 850.00 + $ 0.00 per ft
from 301 to 1,000 feet $ 850.00 + $ 11.64 per foot over 300 ft
over 1,000 feet – $ 8,998.00 plus $ 21.00 per foot over 1000 ft
  • Any additional expenses (boring or cutting pavement, etc.) will be charged to member.
  • Note that this does not replace existing policies for new underground service requests within subdivisions and other similar developments.
  • For all underground services, aid-to-construction will be assessed to all members requesting an underground service based on engineering calculations.


  • Any member who terminates membership with the Cooperative will be fully refunded all membership and deposit amounts (fees) only after proper settlement of final bill. Upon termination of service, deposits will be applied against unpaid bills of the member and if any balance remains, will then be refunded to member.
  • If a member has multiple accounts and the deposit is recorded on an account which may be disconnected, deposit will be transferred to remaining active account.
  • Member deposits for electric service shall not bear any interest for the Cooperative member should a deposit be refunded to the member for any reason.
  • An established residential member adding additional electric services in his/her name will not be required to pay an additional deposit if one of the following conditions are met:
    • The member is considered in good standing (not on the collection list with no returned checks) for at least 12 months.
    • The member furnishes a letter of good standing from previous supplier.
    • The member has a green flag on credit report.
  • If a member is deceased, the surviving spouse may have the account changed into his/her name upon payment of a $5 membership fee without an additional deposit, provided the account has a satisfactory past twelve (12) month payment history and upon proof of member’s death. In this case, the existing deposit for the account will be transferred to the new account in the surviving spouse’s name.