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WEC Weather Center

Severe weather affects the lives of thousands of people each year, especially in the southern part of the United States. People who understand severe weather — and know what to do before and after severe weather hits –can significantly reduce injuries and property damage. Wiregrass Electric Cooperative wants you to be knowledgeable about severe weather — and to provide you with steps you can take to protect yourself and your family. We have provided information here on severe weather and safety. Remember, the time to plan is not when severe weather hits — you must be prepared long before the storm is ever forecast.

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Alabama SAF-T-Net® (Specific Alerting for Threats) is your personal weather siren, a fully automatic and patented weather alerting system that uses text messages, email or phone calls to warn you ahead of the storm–only when you’re affected. All you have to do is sign up.


Tips for the Home

Here are some tips to use around the home to help prevent electrical accidents.

  • Throw away frayed and damaged cords and extension cords.
  • Extension cords should only be used temporarily.
  • Turn appliances off before unplugging them and pull the plug, not the cord, when unplugging.
  • Don’t touch appliances or switches with wet hands.
  • Cover electrical outlets to stop children from poking things into them.
  • Keep appliances out of the reach of children.
  • Make sure outdoor appliances cannot come into contact with pools or puddles of water.
  • Always look up before moving ladders and other tall items around your yard or home. A ladder or antenna in contact with a power line can cause a serious accident.
  • Never tamper with your electric meter, as it is illegal and you could risk shock, explosion or fire.
  • Never use water to douse an electrical fire, use the appropriate type of fire extinguisher. Never tamper with your electric meter, as it is illegal and you could risk shock, explosion, or fire.