Executive Staff

Wiregrass Electric Cooperative (WEC) is owned by its members who govern and set policy through a 9-member board of trustees. The Chief Executive Officer and his staff carry out the daily management of WEC.

Management Team

Group photo of Management team

Joey Brown portrait

Joey Brown
Manager of Operations
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Robbie Daniels portrait

Robbie Daniels
Manager of Corporate Services

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Jessie Ingram portrait

Jessie Ingram
Manager of Energy Services
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Clay Howell portrait

Clay Howell
Manager of Information Systems

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Bethany Retherford portrait

Bethany Retherford
HR and Compliance Manager
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Stevie Saults portrait

Stevie Sauls
Manager of Field Services
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Jennifer Ward portrait

Jennifer Ward
Manager of Communications & Public Relations
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Rhonda Webb portrait

Rhonda Webb
Manager of Member Services
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Tim Granger portrait

Tim Granger
Right of Way Foreman
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Johnny Hudson portrait

Johnny Hudson
Working Foreman

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Dexter Tolbert portrait

Dexter Tolbert
Working Foreman

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Billy Tingle portrait

Billy Tingle
Working Foreman

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Bobby Shelley portrait

Bobby Shelley
Working Foreman

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