Outdoor Lighting

Brighten Up the Night with Outdoor Lighting!

These can provide safety, peace of mind, lengthen your outdoor evenings, and discourage intruders. Photoelectric controls save energy by automatically turning on your lights at dusk and dawn.

Sign up for new or additional outdoor light at your home or business — or both.

No Worry, No Headaches

Wiregrass Electric Cooperative’s (WECs) outdoor lighting is the most convenient way to have the extra light you need around the house…especially during those long winter nights. Check out these other advantages:

No Additional Electrical Use or Costs

  • The power for the light doesn’t go through your meter. Your monthly lease charge includes all electricity for operation.

Free Bulb Changes

  • Have you ever thought about how you would reach that bulb to change it? Or how much the bulb would cost? Just call Wiregrass Electric and have us do it for you.

Safe and Secure

  • A new outdoor light from WEC can provide you with the peace of mind which comes from bright dependable light in darkness. Whether coming home late from work or shooting basketball with the kids, this light will be a silent sentry watching over your home and its contents — even when you’re not home.
  • Your friends will appreciate nighttime light at your home. Would-be burglars will despise it and move on looking for another target out of the light’s vision.

Monthly Base Rate Charges

The Cooperative will furnish and install an LED light at a location suitable to both parties, will make all necessary electrical connections, and will furnish electricity for same which shall be controlled by a photo cell to energize the unit as specified below:

Outdoor Light Rates
100 Watt HPS (Existing lights only, no new installations) $8.00/mo*
100 Watt LED $9.50/mo*
Pole Installation Aid to Construction for 100 Watt LED $256
Decorative Light and Pole $19.00/mo*
250 Watt HPS (Existing lights only, no new installations) $18.00/mo*
400 Watt HPS (Existing lights only, no new installations) $22.00/mo*
150 Watt LED Flood $22.00/mo*
Pole Installation Aid to Construction for 150 Watt LED Flood $315

Additional fees may be necessary for installation of additional poles or wire.
* Outdoor Lighting rates are subject to change.