Report an Outage

Wiregrass Electric has made outage reporting a faster, more efficient process. To report your power outage simply dial our toll-free number — 1-888-4-MY-OUTAGE, or (888) 469-6882. Your outage will be automatically reported based on your phone number at your outage location. That’s 24 hours a day — 7 days a week!

The following are just a few of the advantages the toll-free outage system will offer you:

  • No more busy signals when you call to report an outage
  • Faster and more efficient because your outage will immediately be automatically entered into our outage system, allowing for quicker response by our crews
  • It records your outage for engineering analysis to help with reliability
  • Automated call-backs when power is restored

The outage reporting system utilizes caller-id functionality to decrease the amount of time you have to spend on the phone. For the outage system to work efficiently, Wiregrass Electric needs your updated phone number for any phone you may use to call in an outage — home phone and cell phones. You can update your phone number on our Account Updates page.