Manufactured Home Rebates

Older couple in front of home. Get a rebate of up to $2,000 on an electric heat pump. $400 per ton for existing manufactured homes or the cost difference of upgrades from an electric furnace to a heat pump for new manufactured homes.

Interested in saving on heating costs for your manufactured home? We’re offering incentives for manufactured homeowners and those buying a manufactured home to upgrade electric furnaces to high-efficiency heat pumps.

Own a manufactured home?

If so, you’re eligible for a $400 per ton REBATE to upgrade from an electric furnace to a high-efficiency heat pump.*

On top of that, you’ll enjoy a more comfortable home and save about $550 per year on heating costs!

Why wait? Simply fill out this form and a cooperative representative will contact you about the next steps.

Shopping for a new manufactured home?

If you upgrade from an electric furnace to a heat pump in the manufactured home you’re buying, we’ll cover the difference** — at no cost to you!

You’ll enjoy a more efficient heating and cooling system that will save you an average of $550 a year on heating costs.

Simply download this coupon (PDF) and present it to your local manufactured home dealer as you begin your buying process.

* Limitations apply.
**Cost difference paid directly to home dealer. Limitations apply. New home address
must be in cooperative service territory.