Board of Trustees


2023 WEC Board of DirectorsWiregrass Electric Cooperative (WEC) has a nine-member Board of Trustees elected by the membership at large on a three-year rotating basis. WEC’s service area is divided into 9 districts. Each geographical area is defined in Article IV, Section 1, of the Bylaws.

Maps of Districts

Below are maps of the 9 Districts. A member’s exact location may vary from what is shown below.

Our Board

David Winstead headshot

David Winstead
President, District 9
Florala, AL
(334) 790-6149
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Randy Odom headshot

Randy Odom
Vice President, District 2
Columbia, AL
(334) 726-2753
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Debra Baxley headshot

Debra E. Baxley
Secretary District 1
Pansey, AL
(334) 899-5908
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John Clark Jr. headshot

John Clark Jr.
District 3
Cottonwood, AL
(334) 790-4269
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Danny McNeil headshot

Danny McNeil
District 4
Wicksburg, AL
(334) 791-2956
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Tracy Reeder headshot

Tracy Reeder
District 5
Slocomb, AL
(334) 726-6200
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Kip Justice headshot

Kip Justice
District 6
Hartford, AL
(334) 248-3937
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Donald Ray Wilks headshot

Donald Ray Wilks
District 7
Chancellor, AL
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Greg McCullough headshot

Greg McCullough
District 8
Samson, AL
(334) 898-2685
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