Annual Meeting

Every year in October, Wiregrass Electric Cooperative (WEC) holds an annual meeting to give its members a chance to learn more about their cooperative and its accomplishments from the past year. Members can vote on representatives up for election, vote on any recommended bylaws changes, and receive a full annual report.

Closer to the annual meeting, details will be posted on WEC’s social media accounts, in the Alabama Living magazine, on My Hometown Power statements, and on the WEC meetings page.

Information about Membership & Voting

Note: Closer to the Annual Meeting, instructions will be updated with specifics regarding this year’s elections.

Only qualified members will be able to register, vote, and win prizes at the Annual Meeting.

How to Know if You’re Qualified

Look at your bill card. Only the person listed on that card is able to register, vote, and win prizes. If your name is not listed on that card, you are not a qualified member and will not be able to register.

What You Can Do to Qualify

Members may be required to show a photo or other suitable identification at the time of registration. If the account is not listed in your name, you should go to the nearest Wiregrass Electric office to take care of this before Annual Meeting. You can change the account to a “joint account” between husband and wife by having the person listed on the account make the request in writing. For a husband or wife to register and vote, that account will have to be listed as a “joint account.” View our Request for Joint Application (PDF) or get one in any of our offices to make this change. Persons with joint accounts have only one vote between them; however, either person may vote.

If the person listed on the account is deceased and you are the surviving spouse, you should go to a Wiregrass Electric office, show a photo ID, proof of death, and sign a new membership application. There is a $5.00 membership fee associated with this.

If the person listed on the account is not you and none of the above apply, you will need to pay a deposit and sign a membership application to have the account put in your name. Each member is entitled to only one vote, regardless of the number of accounts that he/she may have.

Churches, Corporations, and Partnerships

No church, school, or lodge hall is eligible to vote without the prior approved authorization by the Attorney for the Cooperative. Copies of the organization’s by-laws and articles will need to be reviewed by the Attorney.

No person may vote for a member by virtue of a proxy or power of attorney.

A person wishing to vote on behalf of a corporation, partnership, or limited liability company will be required to present appropriate resolutions or authorizations authorizing said person to vote on behalf of the company. The appropriate online forms are available below.