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Whether planting trees or doing some yard work, always call 811 before you dig. Visit call811.com for more information.


This is My Why Campaign

Wiregrass Electric Cooperative is serious about safety. In 2014, we came up with a way  to drive that point home to our members, employees and everyone else in the community. We wanted a campaign that showed why safety is at the core of everything we do, so we shot a series of photographs showing WEC linemen with their families. Each month, we hung a different poster of a different family at our offices and included them in our Alabama Living magazine and our My Hometown Power newsletter. At the end of the campaign, we also created a calendar of the photos to give out to our members at the annual meeting.

Safety City Demonstration

WEC’s Safety City program sends our electric experts to schools, clubs, civic groups and other organizations for interactive, fun and memorable demonstrations about power lines and how they work. The demonstration shows children how electricity is generated, transmitted and used and the importance of staying safe around electrical equipment and lines. Safety City instructors bring a portable, electric neighborhood on their visits, complete with power lines, mini cars and characters such as “Lightning Liz” and “Neon Leon” to demonstrate how electricity works and the dangers of live lines. Children can actually see the lights and how electricity travels!

Safe Electricity

Safe Electricity is the Energy Education Council’s multimedia public awareness program dedicated to promoting electrical safety and energy efficiency. This life-saving message is reaching more consumers across the country through the participation of utility partners like Wiregrass Electric Cooperative.

Electrical Safety Foundation

The Electrical Safety Foundation website offers ways to keep your home or workplace functioning safely. The site offers educational tools and resources that can help make electrical safety easy to understand.

Electrical Fire Safety

Electrical fires kill hundreds of Americans each year and injure at least a thousand more. But the United States Fire Administration (USFA) website helps educate homeowners and renters alike by offering some simple steps to prevent loss of life and property.