Project Information

Broadband for the Wiregrass is a partnership formed in 2018 between Wiregrass Electric Cooperative (WEC) and local internet provider Troy Cable to bring world-class internet to the underserved Wiregrass region. Two years later, this partnership has made tremendous strides to achieving the goal of bringing broadband to all WEC members. You will find an interactive map below that illustrates the progress that has been made and what the future will bring.

Check out this map to see if your area has access to this life-changing service or when your area can expect to receive this service.

The map is broken down into three colors:

  • Green — Ready now. Members may request service from Troy Cable immediately.
  • Orange — Grant 3 has been awarded. Completion of this work is scheduled for June 2023.
  • Red — Grant 2 has been awarded. Completion of this work is scheduled for June 2022.

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