ORU Scholarship Opportunities

Thanks to the generosity of our members who round up their monthly bills to the next dollar, our foundation awards more than 20 scholarships in a normal year. While many of these scholarships are $1,000, some higher amounts have been awarded in previous years.

Scholarships are available to:

Traditional Students

Graduating high school seniors who plan to attend a four-year college, junior college, technical school, or vocational school in Alabama.

Nontraditional Students

Students who either have delayed enrollment in an accredited post-secondary institution, are financially independent for financial aid considerations, have a dependent other than a spouse, or are single parents.

Wallace Community College Lineworker Program Students

Students who plan to enroll in the Wallace Community College Lineworker Program.

Full details and applications for the scholarship are available at your local high school, every WEC office, and online. Deadline to apply is April 18, so do not hesitate to complete an application today!