Revamped Website Benefits WEC Members

The cooperative launched a revamped version of the website in mid-November, culminating a redesign process that began in the summer. The website provides the same great information members are accustomed to, but it has several new benefits:

  • Sleeker, modern look: The general look of the website is more spacious, making it easier to view information and key links. The platform is also designed to be mobile phone and tablet friendly.
  • Better organization: The homepage prominently displays places where members can quickly access their accounts plus other important links. Drop-down menus on several pages allow users to quickly find the information they need.
  • More features: Publications like Alabama Living and My Hometown Power are even more visible on the homepage. Stories are posted individually, as well, giving our members a new experience.
  • ADA-friendly features: The entire site has been designed to better accommodate those with disabilities. We have links built into our “Web Accessibility” page that provide access to many assistive technologies.

WEC hopes members enjoy the revamped website. The changes are all part of our mission to serve you better every day. Just Enough Isn’t Enough — that’s The Wiregrass Way.