Save Money with these WEC Tools & Programs

Winter often leads to the highest energy bills for Wiregrass Electric Cooperative (WEC) members, but a few programs and tools the cooperative has implemented can lessen the sting of the colder months.

Web Tools and Mobile App

WEC offers a variety of calculators and applications that can determine where you can maximize savings. These tools analyze everything from your insulation depth to appliance usage and the number of LED bulbs in your home. Afterward, the programs offer recommendations that can save you major bucks over time.

Find these tools at our Energy Resources page.

Members can also track their daily usage through their online accounts and the mobile app. This information can help you make better decisions about energy usage.

Manufactured Home Rebate Program

Those who own a manufactured home or are considering purchasing one can save $550 annually in heating costs with an upgrade from an electric furnace to an electric heat pump.

That’s the good news. The better news is WEC can help cover all or some of the costs of the upgrade! For more information visit our Rebate Program page.

Load-control Water Heaters

Outside of climate control systems, water heaters often use the most energy in a household — especially during cold snaps. The H2O Plus system can reduce your bills in a couple of ways.

Outfitting your water heater with the H2O Plus device allows our power supplier to power down the elements on your water heater for short periods during times of peak demand. This reduces the amount of electricity WEC purchases at peak demand, keeping your overall rates lower. Sometimes members also see a slight reduction in their bills from a total usage standpoint.

WEC can also provide you a new water heater through the program, as well. For more information, email us or call (800) 239-4602.