Stay Warm Without Burning Your Wallet

Cool temperatures typically creep into the Wiregrass area in November, and with them come higher energy bills. Follow these tips to stay warm without burning through your cash!

  • Stop the seep creep: Even the smallest gaps or cracks along windows, doors, or outside wall outlets can allow heat to escape. Make sure your home is sealed well to save major dollars on your energy bill.
  • Put curtains to work: Closing the curtains in the winter prevents heat from escaping through windows, especially at night. But during the day, opening curtains on sunlight-facing windows allows solar energy to warm your house so you can turn the thermostat down.
  • Service your system: If you haven’t had someone check your heating system in awhile, now is a good time. An HVAC professional can identify and repair some inefficiencies in your system that hemorrhage heat.
  • Tune into technology: Using a programmable thermostat gives you excellent control over when your heater runs. Ensure the heater is not running full force when no one’s home, or program it to warm the house up gradually before you wake up.