WEC Celebrates Lineman Appreciation Day

Wiregrass Electric Cooperative (WEC) recognized the dedication and skill its linemen display with a luncheon on June 7, Alabama’s Lineman Appreciation Day.

“They’re hard workers. They’re good, godly men who are here to support their families,” says Jason Thrash, WEC Vice President of Engineering and Operations. “To hit pause and say thank you in appreciation for what they do, it’s good as a company to do this.”

Due to coronavirus concerns, WEC leaders created to-go lunches, a setup that encouraged adherence to social distancing protocols. Journeyman lineman Britt Caldwell says the luncheon was appreciated even though it differed from the larger events of years past.

“It’s different, but we all understand the reason behind it,” he says. “It’s a good gesture from the company, and we appreciate it. Wiregrass Electric takes care of their employees.”

Thrash notes the luncheon also recognized the efforts of all of WEC’s employees, who allow linemen to perform their tasks well.

“It just happens to be a day set aside for all of our linemen, but we do take the opportunity to thank our other employees because it takes all of us doing this job to support the linemen,” he says.