H2O Plus Program FAQ

Why is Wiregrass Electric promoting a program that will help it sell less electricity?

We are a cooperative, and that means we have a real concern for the communities we serve. By managing energy usage when demand is high (when you and your neighbors are using the most electricity), our supplier can reduce demand during those times when energy is most expensive. This reduces the need to build new generation facilities which could impact the cost of electricity – and lessens the impact to our environment.

Will I see a savings on my power bill if I participate?

The impact per consumer is small, so you probably won’t notice a difference on your power bill. But with thousands of people enrolled across the region, H2O Plus can make a huge impact on reducing the demand for electricity – which determines the cost of the wholesale power purchased by Wiregrass Electric – which affects the price to you.

Why would you want to turn off my hot water?

We don’t – we just want to help manage your energy usage by cycling your water heater. In fact, with the H2O Plus control unit installed, you should notice no difference in the amount of hot water available.