83rd Annual Meeting Recap

Working for everyone

Each October, Wiregrass Electric Cooperative’s annual meeting gives members a chance to learn more about their cooperative. Reflecting on the 2021-2022 fiscal year, CEO Les Moreland underscored WEC’s commitment to being a trusted, preferred energy and quality of life partner.

“We’re powering through challenges, hardships and obstacles that happen every year,” Moreland says. “We feel like we’ve done a good job managing that, and I’m proud to say that I feel that the co-op is in a good position.”

State of the Co-op Highlights

Expanded high-speed internet access to about 10,000 members through the Broadband for the Wiregrass, a partnership with Troy Cable, a C-Spire company, that began in 2018.

Serves about 26,700 meters and nearly 19,000 members in a 2,093 square-mile territory.

With more than 400 meters per employee, WEC maintains one of the most efficient cooperatives in the country. Retired $1.4 million in capital credits in the last year.

Helped bring 80 jobs to Geneva County through economic development leader- ship and collaboration.

Absorbed much of the additional costs caused by natural gas prices skyrocketing in 2022 due in part to good financial management.

Improved quality of life in member communities with Operation Round Up grants, scholarships and fundraising efforts, including the first inaugural golf tournament in September.

Moving forward, Wiregrass Electric leadership continues to have a positive outlook while focusing on core priorities as a trusted provider of electricity.

“We want to be fair to our members in the rates we charge. We want to exceed your expectations when it comes to restoring power after a storm, and we want to take care of our employees,” Moreland says.

This year, speakers and the Board of Trustees met in the Hartford headquarters for the meeting that was livestreamed on WEC’s Facebook page. The meeting was recorded and members can find it at a link available in the video section of our Facebook page.

Members were encouraged to attend the meeting from the convenience of their homes, but many symbolized their attendance by sending registration cards.

“Although we’re doing things a little bit differently by having members participate remotely, which we believe is safer and more accommodating for them, the purpose of the meeting remains the same,” COO Brad Kimbro says. “This meeting, we recognized the seating of three board members who help guide and govern the co-op while representing their districts. It’s democracy in action.”

Uncontested Board Members Serve Another Term

An election was not necessary for this annual meeting as three incumbent board members ran unopposed. Having met all eligibility requirements, these board members were duly seated during the annual meeting in October: Debra E. Baxley, District 1; Danny McNeil, District 4; and Donald Ray Wilks, District 7.