Be on the Lookout for Your Annual Meeting Packet

Packet in mailbox illustrationWiregrass Electric Cooperative (WEC) members should stay alert in September for a mailing with key information about the 2019 annual meeting.

The 9-by-12-inch envelope will have details about the gathering scheduled for Friday, Oct. 18, including a registration form, ballot, and envelopes to return the completed documents.

“These packets include everything our members need to know about the annual meeting, along with all the information needed to register and vote by mail,” WEC Chief Executive Officer Les Moreland says.

WEC made the switch to mail-in ballots several years ago. WEC Chief Operating Officer Brad Kimbro says this move allowed more members to participate in the annual meeting.

“The annual meeting is a huge and special event for our cooperative, and we want as many members to participate as possible,” Kimbro says. “This packet allows us to do that, and we look forward to the same efficient process this year as our members take advantage of the convenient way to participate in the life of their cooperative. But, even if you register and vote by mail, we still hope to see you at our annual meeting celebration."

Inside the packet, you will find everything you need to register and vote by mail in the 2019 annual meeting. Vote early! You can still come and enjoy the meeting.

You will also find information about door prizes and a copy of the 2019 annual report. We look forward to seeing you there!