Lower Your Demand with These WEC Programs

Energy audits performed by professionals like Wiregrass Electric Cooperative’s Jessie Ingram help members identify where energy is wasted in their homes.

While changing some of their habits can help Wiregrass Electric Cooperative (WEC) members reduce their energy demand, the cooperative offers programs that can also provide assistance.

The manufactured home heat pump rebate program is one initiative that directly influences demand. In this program, WEC members who own their own manufactured homes can earn significant rebates when they switch their heating systems to a heat pump.

Heat pumps are vastly more energy-efficient than electric furnaces, saving members an average of $500 annually on their energy bills. That boost in efficiency, in turn, also lowers the electric demand for the cooperative, producing more widescale savings.

WEC offers members ways to learn how to make their homes more energy-efficient with the free energy audit program. During these audits, WEC personnel will assess many qualities of a residence and then make recommendations on how to improve the home’s energy efficiency.

jessie performing energy audit on homeSome fixes may be as simple as sealing windows and doors properly or investing in energy-efficient lighting. Even small adjustments at home can quickly and dramatically reduce energy usage during peak times.

Following an energy audit, WEC can use the low-interest energy efficiency loan program to help members fund larger energy-efficiency projects like upgrades to doors, windows, air conditioner units, and water heaters. WEC will provide a list of certified contractors to perform the work and access to a loan program with Regions Bank.

Each program has certain rules and regulations, but all of them can be reviewed when members visit our Energy Conservation page.

Be in the Know

When a peak demand event is anticipated — such as when severe heat waves or cold snaps strike the area — WEC will alert members through local media sources, its website, and its social media pages. Monitor these sources when extreme temperatures are forecast for the area!