PowerSouth Shares Commitment to Diverse Energy Sources

Wiregrass Electric Cooperative CEO Les Moreland addresses a recent Dothan Rotary Club meeting.

An official with PowerSouth Energy Cooperative, Wiregrass Electric Cooperative’s (WEC's) power provider, shared information about his organization’s commitment to diverse energy resources with area leaders recently.

Matt Diamond, manager of power supply and bulk services for PowerSouth, explained that the cooperative is increasingly including renewable energy sources in its energy “mix.” Through its 20 members — a blend of electric cooperatives and small-city utilities in Alabama and northwestern Florida — PowerSouth services about 500,000 homes and businesses.

Diamond noted PowerSouth retired a coal plant in southwestern Alabama last year and is in the process of building a facility that generates electricity with natural gas in its place. PowerSouth has also initiated two major solar energy projects — one in southern Covington County and one in the Florida Panhandle.

Matt Diamond of PowerSouth Energy Cooperative shares how his organization has methodically increased the usage of renewable energy sources.

Coupled with a stake in the expanding Alvin W. Vogtle Electric Generating Plant, a nuclear facility in Georgia, PowerSouth is positioned to handle any future changes in energy regulations and remains committed to protecting the environment, he told the group.

Diamond presented the message at a Dothan Rotary Club meeting at the request of WEC CEO Les Moreland.