Put a Chill on Those Energy Bills!

Cool winters like the one we just experienced can drive up energy bills. Wiregrass Electric Cooperative (WEC), though, can provide a remedy for members who own a manufactured home or who are considering purchasing a new one.

The cooperative provides significant rebates to members who choose to upgrade their heating sources from electric furnaces to high-efficiency heat pumps. The upgrade saves the average member about $550 annually, mainly in heating costs during the winter months.

Why Buy a Heat Pump?

The savings stem from the difference between how electric furnaces and heat pumps work.

Electric furnaces operate like a blow dryer, forcing air across a heating element. Meanwhile, heat pumps use warm air from outside to replace the cooler air inside homes, even on cooler days. This is a more efficient process.

Experts note that heat pumps, which are rated by tonnage and kilowatts, work better in mild winter climates like those found in the South, where the intense heat produced by furnaces is rarely needed.

How Rebates Work

Switching to a heat pump poses some upfront costs. But rebates offered by WEC and its energy provider, PowerSouth Energy Cooperative, offset some of those expenses.

For current manufactured-home owners, the rebate is worth $400 per ton on the new heat pump. For those looking to purchase a new manufactured home, WEC pays the upgrade rebate directly to the home dealer at the time of purchase.

To access these rebates today, visit our Manufactured Home Rebates page.