Shipping Comes In

FedEx to build major warehouse in Dothan

Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce President Matt Parker discusses the FedEx project during a November press conference.

Wiregrass Electric Cooperative (WEC) Chief Operating Officer Brad Kimbro believes growth possibilities are endless for the municipalities WEC serves following a recent announcement by FedEx.

The transportation conglomerate has committed to building a 317,000-square-foot facility in the Sam Houston Industrial Park in eastern Dothan by the end of 2022. The logistics facility is expected to create more than 200 jobs just minutes from communities like Cowarts, Webb, Ashford, and Columbia, where a significant number of WEC members live.

“When a major employer builds in your region, it sends ripples through many aspects of the area economy,” Kimbro says. “With low unemployment rates locally, people will likely relocate to this area to fill these jobs, creating a bigger boon for our housing market. Small eastern Houston County cities should certainly benefit from this.”

While the FedEx facility is not in WEC territory, the growth and shifts in the housing market anticipated to follow its construction will likely increase WEC’s residential membership. As WEC leaders create plans for the cooperative’s future, they account for potentially significant changes in the residential and business markets.

“WEC stands ready to assist local and state government and business leaders with economic development projects that benefit the Wiregrass,” Kimbro says. “The old adage ‘A rising tide lifts all boats’ applies in many cases. Regionalism and partnerships — similar to the cooperative model — matter so much to the Wiregrass.”

Dothan Mayor Mark Saliba offers comments about the FedEx project as local government and economic officials listen.

The Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce and the Grow Dothan initiative played significant roles in the recruitment of FedEx. WEC is heavily involved in both organizations and has hosted the Grow Dothan meetings for several years. Part of Grow Dothan’s mission is to raise funds to support business recruitment efforts.

“Without the support of companies like Wiregrass Electric Cooperative and others, we wouldn’t have a program,” says Matt Parker, Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce president. “Nothing would happen. Whether it’s a large company or small business, all contributions come together to assist us in recruitment efforts.”

“Wiregrass Electric Cooperative strives to be a champion of economic development, as evidenced by our involvement in several business-minded groups,” Kimbro says. “We applaud the slew of governmental and business professionals who worked together to make this project happen. We are excited to see what the future holds for the Wiregrass.”