You May Have Unclaimed Capital Credits

Doing business with Wiregrass Electric Cooperative (WEC) is different than other places you do business with. WEC is a not-for-profit business that operates at cost. Revenues above the cost of doing business, known as margins, are allocated to our members annually in the form of capital credits. If the financial condition of the cooperative will not be impaired, the WEC board of trustees can elect to retire capital credits to members.

WEC has retired nearly $12.4 million of capital credits to members in the history of the cooperative. This year, more than $1.096 million in margins was retired from the cooperative’s performance in 1997. Credits began appearing on the monthly statements of active members in September. Returns for nonactive members were mailed around October 1.

To view your current capital credit allocation per year visit Wiregrass Electric Cooperative. On the homepage, you can find a link to view this through WEC’s member portal section.

Sometimes, members don’t receive their capital credit checks because of an incorrect or out-of-date address. If you think this might have happened to you, please visit our Capital Credits page on our website. Here you can view a list to find out if you have unclaimed capital credits and how you can claim them.