Internet for the Speed of Your Life

A mother working on a laptop with her daughter sitting next to her.High-speed internet service isn’t just about endless streaming options or scrolling social media with ease. A fast and reliable connection opens a new world of possibilities, including smart home devices, distance learning, remote work, online gaming, telemedicine and so much more.

Wiregrass Electric Cooperative (WEC) is proud to partner with Troy Cable, a C Spire company, to provide you with a fiber internet connection powerful enough to improve your quality of life.

Broadband offers increased bandwidth and reliability for everything you need to do online. It‘s also a valuable economic development tool to help the Wiregrass region grow.

We know many of you are feeling the effects of inflation, and WEC is constantly working to be a conscientious steward of your money. Instead of pursuing the extremely expensive prospect of providing fast broadband on our own, we chose to partner with Troy Cable. Because we operate with you in mind, WEC is proud to help provide high-speed internet service without members incurring additional costs.

Ready for a Change?

Family of 4- mother, father, son, and daughter looking at the laptop.
WEC substations are now connected to a high-speed fiber network to help serve members better. As Troy Cable continues the buildout, an additional 10,000 homes will soon have access to fast and reliable broadband service.

Visit our Broadband page for more information.