Operation Round Up FAQ

How does it work?

The program “rounds up” a member’s bill to the nearest dollar, and that amount, which is completely tax-deductible, is donated to local charities in our service area. All funds stay in the community to benefit the members of Wiregrass Electric Cooperative.

The average amount any given member donates is just 50 cents per month, with the maximum being $12 per year.

Who will benefit?

Only local people and nonprofit organizations benefiting people in our local Wiregrass communities will receive funds from the Operation Round Up Charitable Foundation. Some examples may include things such as firefighting equipment for volunteer fire departments, life-saving equipment for ambulance or rescue squads, hospice programs, scholarships, youth programs, and more. Operation Round Up funds will not be used for political purposes.

Why is Wiregrass Electric doing this?

Operation Round Up is an extension of WEC’s commitment to its members. We believe that by giving our members a way to band together to help our Wiregrass community, we are living out our commitment to help our local community and those we serve!

How do I join?

Members are automatically enrolled in the program. Your bill will show the rounded up amount as well as the actual amount. At year’s end, you will receive your total contribution to the WEC Operation Round Up Charitable Foundation for that year on your monthly statement.

I do not wish to participate in this program. How do I opt out?

This charitable foundation community service program is 100% voluntary, and you may elect not to participate. To do so, simply fill out the form below. Refunds are available for those who request them.

  • WEC’s Operation Round Up is a voluntary program that seeks to use small amounts of change from WEC members’ electric bills to enact large, community-wide changes. This program’s sole purpose is to improve the quality of life for the Wiregrass Community; however, if you do not wish to participate in this program, please fill out the form below.
Who will oversee what’s done with the money collected from this program?

The WEC Board of Trustees will select a nine-member Charitable Foundation Board of Directors. Each trustee will nominate one foundation director from each WEC board district. Foundation directors must be a member of WEC and will serve three-year terms. These are voluntary positions and will draw no salary for their service.

Is my contribution tax-deductible?

Yes, all contributions to WEC Operation Round Up Charitable Foundation are tax-deductible, and participants will receive a summary of their contributions each year on their electric bill.