Man sitting outside talking with a group of kids. Wiregrass Electric’s “Safety City” and “Education Power Station” programs teach students about safety around electric lines, equipment, and how to protect themselves from electrical-related injury. It also educates, informs, and instructs the students about how electricity is generated, transmitted, and used.

The Safety City demonstration is conducted by qualified Wiregrass Electric Cooperative (WEC) employees who use visual aids to communicate the message that you can be safe around electricity and electric distribution equipment. The stars of the show, “Lightning Liz” and “Neon Leon,” are shown in many different scenarios in a typical neighborhood and country setting and actually light up to illustrate how electricity can travel through people and objects.

The Education Power Station demonstration is conducted by Wiregrass Electric linemen and shows participants what electric linemen have to do to maintain power lines and restore outages. In addition to teaching participants about being safe around electric lines, it also exposes students to possible careers as a lineman by allowing them to complete some tasks linemen must do.

These programs are available to schools, clubs, civic groups, and organizations in Wiregrass Electric’s service area and are appropriate for all ages. Please email Jennifer Ward, WEC’s Manager of Communications and Publications, or call (800) 239-4602 for more information regarding this exciting, fun-filled, and educational program.